Local government masterclasses

Brief 1 Communication with aliens Brief 16 Kissinger
Brief 2 Executive summaries Brief 17 Using A3s to best effect
Brief 3 Making a great paper Brief 18 Options analysis
Brief 4 Being brief and clear Brief 19 Commissioning
Brief 5 Risk Brief 20 Tips on writing from Mark Twain
Brief 6 Peer review Brief 21 Peer review vs QA
Brief 7 Better use of headings and subheadings Brief 22 Learning from things that go well
Brief 8 Presenting evidence Brief 23 Fast papers
Brief 9 Going electronic Brief 24 Turbo peer review
Brief 10 Introducing the key papers Brief 25 Series of papers
Brief 11 Finishing with a bang! Conclusions Brief 26 PowerPoint slide packs
Brief 12 Dealing with attachments Brief 27 Background
Brief 13 QA practical ideas
Brief 14 Writing recommendations
Brief 15 Te Reo Māori