Central government masterclasses

Our masterclasses are focused on tips and tricks to help you improve the quality of your advice on a wide range of topics. These are designed for you to be able to distribute amongst your staff and use them as part of regular discussions about improving the quality of advice, or in-house training.

Brief 1 Communication with aliens

Brief 14 Finishing with a bang 

Brief 27 Options analysis

Brief 2 Learning from other professions

Brief 15 Make papers pop

Brief 28 Writing recommendations

 Brief 3 Executive summaries

Brief 16 Frameworks

Brief 29 Tips on writing from Mark Twain

Brief 4 Talking points

Brief 17 Commissioning

Brief 30 Learning from things that go well

Brief 5 Risk

Brief 18 Polishing your message

Brief 31 Fast papers

Brief 6 Being brief and clear

Brief 19 Getting the best from A3s

Brief 32 Turbo peer review

Brief 7 What do other agencies do to lift quality

Brief 20 Presenting evidence

Brief 33 Access to knowledge

Brief 8 Peer review

Brief 21 Getting a new minister

Brief 34 Joint papers

Brief 9 Introducing the 11 key papers

Brief 22 Tactical advice

Brief 35 Second opinion advice

Brief 10 Thinking through the 11 key papers

Brief 23 Experimenting with PowerPoint reports

Brief 36 Peer review vs QA

Brief 11 Theory of advising

Brief 24 QA - Practical ideas

Brief 37 Background

Brief 12 Going electronic

Brief 25 Dealing with attachments Brief 38 Series of papers

Brief 13 Good better best

Brief 26 Te Reo Māori 

Brief 39 2020 election special