Quality of policy advice

If you produce advice in some shape or form to Ministers, a senior management team or governance body to help decision-making, then you want to be confident that you are delivering what they need.

NZIER uses a robust, independent approach to review the quality of your advice that considers the needs of the busy user. This methodology has been honed through reviews of over 6,500 papers in the past eleven years.

We review the advice of around 20 central government organisations, as well as local government bodies. Our reviews act as the catalyst for ongoing quality improvements that have been positively received by Ministers, Boards and senior decision-makers.

We focus our assessments on three key criteria that are the hallmarks of high quality advice:

  • Customer focus
  • Credible analysis
  • Clear and concise.

We can score your advice, identify strengths and work-on areas and benchmark your organisation against the other members of the NZIER policy advice benchmarking club. We can track your progress over time and provide ongoing coaching to help you improve the quality of your papers.

Our standardised, practical feedback allows individual analysts to work out what makes a high-quality paper, and why some papers are marked down. As the features that improve a paper become more widely understood, you can move from quality advice being ‘the craft of a few’ to ‘the working style of all’.

We also carry out regular reviews using DPMC's Policy Project tools.

Your key contacts

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Deputy Chief Executive
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Senior Fellow
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NZIER Associate
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