Regulatory management toolkit, NZIER public discussion document 2019/3

10 December 2019

By Derek Gill

This toolkit was developed in response to the myth that there are best practices in regulatory management. Different countries have different systems to make and review laws, regulations, and rules. Because each country’s context is unique, there is no ‘best practice’ in regulatory management. But there are tips and tricks and tools that countries can use to improve regulatory quality.

NZIER originally developed this toolkit in partnership with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) and subsequently refined it with support from the Asian Productivity Organisation. The toolkit provides a framework for understanding the elements of the regulatory management system and provide links to key readings in the practitioner and academic literatures on the tools than can used.

Each year NZIER devotes some of its resources to undertake and make freely available economic research and thinking aimed at promoting a better understanding of New Zealand’s important economic challenges. The preparation of this paper was funded from those resources.