Bilateral Arbitration Treaty Regime : An economic analysis

26 May 2016

By Chris Nixon

Non-NZIER authors Metha Wongcharupan and Georgia Whelan.

The purpose of these reports has been to examine the role of a Bilateral Arbitration Treaty (BAT) in assisting exporters and importers. The main advantage of a BAT is to reduce the risks/uncertainties associated with commercial disputes resolution.

The first report looks at the costs and benefits to small and medium sized New Zealand businesses of a BAT.

The second report assesses  the  impact  of  adopting a  Bilateral Arbitration  Treaty  (BAT) on New  Zealand  firms  through  a  survey.

Also see on  youtube a panel discussion, held at Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law, about how a Bilateral Arbitration Treaty regime would give better access to justice for small and medium sized businesses. With Georgia Whelan, Chris Nixon and Hanneke van Oeveren.

Each year NZIER devotes some of its resources to undertake and make freely available economic research and thinking aimed at promoting a better understanding of New Zealand’s important economic challenges. This work was funded from those resources.