Recent project work

By Bill Kaye-Blake

Resilient Rural Communities – AgResearch

Bill contributed community-focused and economic research to this five-year programme. He helped develop a new framework for assessing and describing community resilience. Bill helped edit Heartland Strong, a book that summarised the programme. This book was used by the Ministry for Primary Industries to support the Rural Proofing programme.

Indicators Working Group – Our Land and Water National Science Challenge

Bill managed the Indicators Working Group and led most of its research. The group investigated the use of harmonised indicators across government, industry and research to support improved economic and environmental outcomes from the primary sector. The Group determined that there is good information on how to improve the primary sector and existing tools to help people use that information. However, more information, better use of the tools and a centralised source of information could improve the sector.

Programme performance review – Ministry of Culture and Heritage
Bill led a performance review of a programme focused on Māori culture. The review described the performance in both its technical aspects but also its relationship with tikanga Māori and rangatiratanga. Bill provided the Ministry with a new understanding of the possibilities for providing the services, which informed its negotiation with the provider.