Peter Clough

Senior Economist


Peter has over 20 years experience of economic research and consulting. He has appeared as expert witness before the Environment Court and other hearings giving testimony on such issues as the economics of climate change policy, land use planning, biodiversity conservation, energy generation and water use.

Much of this experience has been gained while at NZIER working for clients in central and local government and in the private sector, but he has also had time out from consulting with spells in the Ministry of Economic Development working on design of emissions trading for climate change and for the UK government's statutory adviser on the natural environment, English Nature.

Peter specialises in applying economics to hard-to-quantify areas of environmental health and public safety, and in comparative analysis of economic instruments and other policy measures in fields such as biosecurity, energy and transport.


  • DDI04 470 1803 
  • MOB021 629 157 


BA (HONS) | MSc | Dip Ag Econ

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