Milad Maralani



Milad joined NZIER in September 2018 from the University of Auckland where he was working at the Energy Centre and lecturing at the department of economics.

He worked on many research projects in energy and environmental economics, economic modelling and microeconomics at the Energy Centre. In addition to his research background Milad has taught a wide range of economics courses at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

He has a solid background in economic modelling and has developed a wide range of forecasting models including time series and complex energy-economy models. At the Energy Centre, he worked on developing different CGE models for the New Zealand economy.

He received multiple grants from the University of Auckland and MBIE for his research projects during his Ph.D. studies at Auckland University.

Milad’s research centres around energy and environmental economics, technological change in the economy and economic modelling.


  • DDI 
  • MOB021 0822 0054 


B.Econ | M.Econ | PhD

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