Kevin TuaƱo



Kevin joined NZIER in May 2020 after almost two years as an information analyst for Capital and Coast District Health Board (CCDHB). His work at CCDHB expressed various data and statistical analysis methods within the frame of the NZ public health system in an interactive and user-friendly format.  

Before joining NZIER, Kevin briefly worked for the Department of Corrections. During this time, he gained knowledge of the justice system and improved the methodology for the benefits and realisation analysis of a high-profile pilot service.  

Kevin's formal education is in the field of computational chemistry which has trained him in the domains of both analytical and data sciences. Of such, he is adept in presenting data-driven insights of systems and process analysis with a stylistic UX.  

Kevin is a data specialist and processes thinker able to balance technical expertise with user-friendly visuals or interactive solutions.


  • DDI 
  • MOB+64 21 180 3493 


BSc (Chemistry)| MSc (Chemistry)

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