Gail Kelly



Gail holds a PhD in Psychology and has had the opportunity over the last 25 years to use her social research and evaluation skills across multiple settings and sectors in both Australia and New Zealand. This has included within the tax system, the social sector, the environmental area, and at local government and community levels.

Gail was a Director with the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu) and before that was the National Manager of Research and Evaluation with the New Zealand Inland Revenue. Gail has also held positions with the Department of Agriculture, Fishery and Forests in Canberra, and with the Australian Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO).

A common aspect in many of the roles Gail has held included the opportunity to work cross discipline enabling the application of expertise from social science, economics, human behaviour, systems thinking, statisticians and others to address complex social and environmental issues.

Gail has 25 years of leading and working within multi-discipline teams across the environmental, primary industry, tax and social sectors in both Australia and New Zealand.


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Latest publications

  • A learning system for evidence informed social policy - NZIER Insight 64

    27 October 2016

    Effective social policy and service delivery requires a learning system. Imagine if…New Zealand had an effective learning system to generate and capture evidence to inform spending decisions for social policy. A good learning system will include evidence about ‘doing the right things’ as well as ‘doing things right’. In this Insight we discuss three promising practices that New Zealand could adopt.