Eilya Torshizian

Principal Economist - Head of quantitative analysis team


Eilya is a trusted adviser to clients in the public and private sectors. He understands the complexity of modern business and policy problems. He knows the pressures that senior managers face and the contribution of ‘good’ consultancy to solving those problems. He ensures his reports provide practical and clearly-explained guidance.

In addition to providing causal sense of a wide range of big datasets, containing information on housing, trade, electricity, commodities and health, Eilya has also used innovative approaches for making sense of extremely small data. Eilya has discussed the complexities of demand in different contexts, recognising their particular features.

Eilya’s work spans urban economics (e.g. sustainable regional development, regeneration, wellbeing and residential satisfaction, and spatial deprivation), environmental economics (e.g. water policy), macroeconomics (e.g. consumption patterns), behavioural and experimental economics (e.g. communities’ specific choice between economic trade-offs).

Eilya helps clients to find practical robust solutions in a timely manner by prioritising clients’ problem, using frontier economic thinking and his familiarity with a wide range of data and frontier methodologies.


  • DDI 
  • MOB022 156 4529 


PhD, University of Auckland

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