Eilya Torshizian

Principal Economist - Head of quantitative analysis team


Eilya’s research focuses on the economics of urban infrastructure and housing, applied economics and microeconometrics. He joined NZIER in October 2016 from the Chief Economist Unit at Auckland Council and lecturing at the University of Auckland where he supervised, assisted and peer reviewed many research projects in urban economics, environmental economics, macroeconomics and experimental economics.

In addition to being one of the handful of specialised urban economists in New Zealand, Eilya has taught a wide range of economics courses at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. He has an extensive knowledge of empirical analysis of microeconomic data, covering theoretical and practical issues.

Eilya is an expert in developing causal model designs for a range of microeconomic contexts to provide a robust basis for the analysis of public policies and commercial decisions.


  • DDI 
  • MOB022 156 4529 


PhD, University of Auckland

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