Chris Nixon

Principal Economist


Chris has provided economic analysis, policy advice, and strategic advice to a host of private and public clients for the past 20 years at NZIER. His work spans a wide variety of microeconomic fields however, he specialises in environmental and agricultural economics, trade, and infrastructure and transport.

Chris' most recent experience has been on the development and use of cost benefit analysis to support strategy in the public and private sector. He is experienced in undertaking and interpreting cost benefit analyses that combine quantitative and qualitative components in areas such as the environment (particularly S32 analysis under the RMA), R&D sector, health and safety rules, trade policy and migration.

Chris has also worked on regulatory costs of compliance in fields as varied as the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act and food labelling standards.

Performance and evaluation issues are also an important part of Chris' work for a number of government and private clients.

Chris Nixon specialises in institutional economics. He has particular interests in industry structure and behaviour, developing performance criteria, CBA, trade, development, and trade policy issues.


  • DDI04 470 1815 
  • MOB021 633 127 


BBS | MBS (Hons)

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