Cathy Scott



Cathy joined NZIER as a Prinicipal Economist in July 2015. She has a wide ranging policy background, including interests in the primary sector, social policy, and economic policy.

Cathy was a Deputy Chief Executive, responsible for policy advice, and other functions, in a number of government agencies for more than 10 years. This has included such roles in ACC, Housing New Zealand, and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Prior to that Cathy worked in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Policy Advisory Group. In those roles Cathy was responsible for leading some major policy review projects – including ACC legislation reviews, aquaculture, and medical misadventure. These included not only the development and review of policy, but also implementation of the policy and legislation.

Cathy has a strong interest in developing the capability and quality of policy teams.


  • DDI04 470 1807 
  • MOB021 998 002 


MPP | BA (Hons)

Recent projects

Latest publications

  • Improving local government needs better policy advice - NZIER Insight 62

    16 September 2016

    Local government regulatory activities have an important effect on local and regional economic growth and, ultimately, national economic growth and community wellbeing. This places a premium on local government organisations having high quality policy advice and decision-making processes in place. High quality policy advice, which supports good regulatory design and implementation and sound investment decisions, is critical to improving performance.