Golden years? The impacts of New Zealand’s ageing on wages, interest rates, wealth and macroeconomy - NZIER Working Paper 2013/1

01 March 2013

In 30 years’ time New Zealanders will be choosing to retire at least three years later than we do now. Living longer means working longer. We will want to save more for our retirement as our life expectancy increases. Working longer will also be more attractive as an ageing population will drive up wages.

In NZIER’s latest research paper, we quantify the impact of an ageing population on future wages and interest rates, and people's savings and retirement decisions.

NZIER Working Paper 2013/1 is available here.

Each year NZIER devotes some of its resources to undertake and make freely available economic research and thinking aimed at promoting a better understanding of New Zealand’s important economic challenges. The preparation of this paper was funded from those resources.

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