We provide independent expertise and advice.

For over 50 years our economists have been helping clients analyse market, regulatory, social, and environmental trends to enable them to make informed and strategic decisions.

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Cost benefit analysis

We work with our clients to assess whether the benefits of policies and investments outweigh their costs.

Our rigorous and best-practice analysis often includes putting dollar values on 'harder-to-value' biosecurity, safety, and health outcomes.

Key contacts

Chris Nixon

Principal Economist

chris.nixon[at]nzier [dot] org [dot] nz

Peter Clough

Senior Economist

peter.clough[at]nzier [dot] org [dot] nz

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Latest projects

  • Economic modelling of the Waimea community dam

    By Erwin Corong

    The Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency asked us to review and update economic assessments of the Waimea Community Dam, proposed for the Lee Valley south of Richmond.


  • Healthcare services

    A client sought evidence of the impact of changing subsidy levels on access to healthcare services.


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