NZIER is under the direction of a Board elected by members.

The Board

Dr Dianne McCarthy CRSNZ CNZM


Paul Baines

Audit Committee Chair

Viv Hall

Grant Pryde

Keith Watson

Laurence Kubiak - Chief Executive

Ex officio

Jessica Matthewson


The Board is responsible for NZIER's strategic direction, and for ensuring that NZIER continues to strive to attain its goals. The Board’s role is to:

  • Monitor and safeguard the continuation of NZIER in good financial health and morale.
  • Monitor, safeguard and enhance the reputation and image of NZIER. This includes appropriate individual Board members speaking or otherwise representing NZIER’s views (with the Chairman’s prior approval).
  • Ensure the employment of a suitable Chief Executive Officer of NZIER.
  • Keep the performance of the Chief Executive under review (and through him the performance of NZIER’s staff).
  • Give advice to the Chief Executive on questions of general business practice or standards within the knowledge of the Board, and give advice on strategic planning initiatives and issues.

For any Board queries please contact:

Jessica Matthewson
04 472 1880