NZIER is a non-profit economic research organisation. We undertake independent economic research in the interests of the public good.

Public Good

Each year NZIER devotes resources to undertake and make freely available economic research and thinking aimed at promoting a better understanding of New Zealand’s important economic challenges.

As an independent organisation our work is free from any political or commercial influence. Our work is designed to provoke reactions and advance New Zealand's understanding of economic challenges and opportunities.

We publish think pieces ranging from short Insight notes to applied research papers that inform policy and academic debate. We support Data1850; an interactive website that allows you to explore, visualise, compare and download long-term economic data for New Zealand.

NZIER's Public Good Fund is also used to inform visiting diplomats and officials from international bodies about the New Zealand economy, speak at conferences and promote economics in New Zealand though our annual NZIER Economics Award.

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