Working at NZIER

Working at NZIER will be stimulating and rewarding for you because NZIER is:


We are a not-for-profit organisation with no government affiliation or political ideology. We have a history of providing impartial advice and our independence lies at the heart of everything we do.


We work on New Zealand's most important economic challenges such as productivity, trade, climate change, healthcare, tax policy, resource management and industry policy. If it matters to Kiwis’ incomes and welfare, NZIER is having a say, and being listened to.

Dedicated to quality

NZIER staff are a font of economic knowledge. No matter what the topic is there's always someone to provide guidance on it and to bring fresh perspectives to any debate. This encourages high quality work with a strong focus on internal peer review, that the authors can be confident about and proud of.

Committed to staff development

We work with staff to identify development needs and goals, and offer in-house buddying, coaching and mentoring. This is supported by a dedicated training fund. Our aim is to help staff grow and remain challenged.

Respectful of personal preferences

We encourage staff to be themselves and express their views, within a collaborative and supportive environment. Projects at NZIER can be one-person jobs or completed within small teams.

Work life balance

Provided you meet your performance and development objectives, we offer flexibility when and where you work, so you can manage your work, family, sport, and other commitments.


We engage with a wide range of firms, organisations and government departments and have a strong reputation as an independent, respected adviser.

Striving for excellence

All staff receive a competitive base salary and we reward star players at any level of their career with a performance-based bonus. The incentives are clear and financial and non-financial performance expectations are agreed on annually.

Free of bureaucracy

We have a flat organisational structure where the role of management is to allow staff to focus on what they do best: research and consulting. If you need a business tool, then provided there’s a sound business case, we’ll provide it to you. Admin is kept to a minimum, allowing more time for thinking!


We interact in an informal way that encourages creativity, debate and the exchange of information.

For more information on career opportunities at NZIER, please contact Jessica Matthewson