NZIER is a uniquely independent and comprehensive one stop economic resource for the New Zealand economy. As a non-profit private organisation, our analysis and commentary is solely for the benefit of our members.

About Quarterly Predictions

Available to NZIER members only.

Issued four times a year, Quarterly Predictions contains detailed and comprehensive forecasts of the New Zealand economy.

The focus of our forecasts are on the composition and drivers of economic growth. Empirical analysis is complemented by an examination of related economic and policy issues, and any risks attached to the forecasts.

The statistical appendix contains historical and forecast numbers for over 300 series, including:

  • Economic growth
  • Inflation, including prices and wages
  • Monetary conditions, including interest rates and exchange rates
  • Retails sales
  • Exports, by sector
  • Building consents
  • Construction, by residential, non-residential & other.