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  1. 23 July 2003

    by Phil Briggs & Joanna Smith.

  2. 23 June 2003

    RM no.68
    By Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley. 2003, $18.00 plus gst.

    New Zealand's ability to create wealth as a trading nation has always depended on the rules of the international trading game. In this study, John Yeabsley and Chris Nixon examine New Zealand's previous international negotiation successes and future prospects.

    The authors take an analytical approach, but base their views squarely in the careful investigation of how the theory applies to five historial episodes: the 1932 Ottawa Conference, Britain’s accession into the EEC, the trans-Tasman relationship, the Uruguay Round of GATT, and the APEC process. They show that New Zealand has always been a small player and our successes have stemmed from a conscious ability to be opportunistic and flexible. The increasing importance of a domestic trade policy also comes through.

    This book is an engaging study of a little documented but vital area of local public administration that reveals an ongoing struggle by New Zealand representatives to achieve a sensible international trading environment.

  3. 12 May 2003

    by Chris Nixon, 2003
    NZTC WP no 25

  4. 10 May 2003

    by Chris Nixon, 2003
    NZTC WP no 24

  5. 26 March 2003

    by Joanna Smith & John Ballingall. A report to Sister Cities New Zealand.

  6. 13 February 2003

    A report by NZIER for Te Puni Kokiri

  7. 16 January 2003

    by Ralph Lattimore, Gary Hawke, Ian Duncan and John Ballingall, 2003
    NZTC WP no 23

  8. 09 January 2003

    by Chris Nixon, 2003
    NZTC WP no 22

  9. 07 January 2003

    by Ralph Lattimore and Selim Catagay, 2003
    NZTC WP no 21

  10. 05 January 2003

    by Gary Hawke, 2003
    NZTC WP no 20

  11. 01 December 2002
  12. 30 October 2002

    Report by Ralph Lattimore, Ian Duncan and John Ballingall to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the Treasury, October 2002

  13. 30 September 2002

    Report by Ralph Lattimore and John Ballingall to the Japan-New Zealand Business Council, September 2002

  14. 20 September 2002

    Speech by Professor Allan Fels, Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, to the 2002 NZIER AGM

  15. 27 August 2002

    NZIER working paper 2002/4 updating the Porter Study's analysis of exports, by John Ballingall

  16. 08 August 2002

    by Kerrin M Vautier,  2002
    NZTC WP no 19

  17. 18 July 2002

    by Allan N Rae and Anna Strutt, 2002
    NZTC WP no 18

  18. 30 June 2002

    Report to the Researched Medicines Industry, June 2002. Part I Background and theory is by Chris Nixon and Stephen Gale, and Part II The New Zealand environment is by Chris Nixon

  19. 31 May 2002

    Report by Mary Clarke to the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission, May 2002

  20. 13 May 2002

    by David Orden, 2002
    NZTC WP no 17

  21. 10 May 2002

    by David Feldman and Martin Richardson, 2001
    NZTC WP no 16

  22. 30 April 2002

    Report by John Yeabsley and Ian Duncan to The New Zealand Film Commission, April 2002

  23. 31 March 2002

    Report by Mark Walton and Ian Duncan to Industry New Zealand, March 2002

  24. 28 February 2002

    Trade realities and New Zealand's role in the international response to the threat of global warming. Report by Alex Sundakov, Jean-Pierre de Raad and John Ballingall to the Climate Change Pan Industry Group, February 2002

  25. 28 February 2002

    Report to New Zealand Fire Service Commission, by Ian Duncan and John Ballingall from NZIER, with Chris Cosslett and Dianne Buchan of Corydon Consultants Ltd, February 2002