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  1. 08 September 2006

    by Ralph Lattimore, 2006
    NZTC WP no 45

  2. 04 August 2006

    Presentation by Brent Layton, to the Institute of Policy Studies Energy Roundtable Series - 'Breaking dependence on fossil fuels by 2020'.

  3. 21 July 2006

    The Electricity Commission's consultation documents. Report to MEUG.

  4. 19 July 2006

    Paper and presentation to the Annual New Zealand Energy Summit, Wellington, 17 July 2006 by Bill Heaps (Strata Energy) and Simon Hope (NZIER)

  5. 14 June 2006

    Paper and presentation by Ian Duncan and John Yeabsley to the OECD Meeting of National Economic Research Organisations (NERO), Paris, 12 June 2006

  6. 15 May 2006

    Transpower's Auckland 400kV Grid Investment Proposal. Report to MEUG

  7. 11 May 2006

    Presentation by Brent Layton to EMA's CEO Network Breakfast, Auckland, 9 May 2006

  8. 04 May 2006

    NZTC WP no 44

  9. 18 April 2006

    A report to the Industry Training Federation. The link is to the Industry Training Federation's website.

  10. 08 April 2006

    Presentation by Brent Layton to the EMA Central Electricity Forum, 6 April 2006

  11. 06 April 2006

    A report for the Papua New Guinea Institute of National Affairs.

  12. 31 March 2006

    Paper prepared by Brent Layton for the 7th Annual Superfunds Summit 2006, March 2006

  13. 28 March 2006

    In 2005/2006 NZIER undertook a series of studies for Counties Manakau DHB, designed to create informed decisions behind actions to develop the Health Workforce in the DHB's area.

  14. 17 March 2006

    A report to Biosecurity New Zealand. The link is to the report on Biosecurity New Zealand's website.

  15. 09 March 2006

    A report to the National Library of New Zealand.This report is a collaboration between Clare O'Leary (Eve Bay Studio) and Ian Duncan, John Yeabsley and Karley Drought (NZIER).

  16. 04 March 2006

    Presentation which provides supporting information to Brent Layton's presentation to the 8th National Power Conference, Auckland, 1-3 March 2006.
    The slides highlight actual and potential levels of demand and supply in electricity generation.

  17. 20 February 2006

    by Chris Nixon, 2005
    NZTC WP no 43

  18. 12 February 2006

    NZIER working paper 2006/2 by Alice Wang

  19. 01 February 2006

    By Brent Layton. A report for MEUG.

  20. 31 January 2006

    Report,  link is to the Commerce Commission's website.

  21. 27 January 2006

    by Brent Layton. A report for MEUG.

  22. 25 January 2006

    A report for the Early Childhood Council. Link is to the Early Childhood Council's website.

  23. 25 January 2006

    NZIER working paper 2006/1 by Simon Hope, in association with Strata Energy Consulting Ltd

  24. 23 December 2005

    by Chris Nixon & Rebecca Schrage, 2005
    NZTC WP no 42

  25. 22 December 2005

    by Mohammed Khaled & Ralph Lattimore, 2005
    NZTC WP no 41