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  1. 10 June 2013

    Existing transport cost-benefit analysis misses critical impacts. Congestion pricing needed to harness economic benefits of major transport projects. This paper develops formulations for estimating the economic welfare impacts of transport strategies that change land use. The formulations seek to use outputs of transport modelling typically used for transport appraisal.

  2. 02 December 2011

    Do you get the sense that New Zealand doesn’t invest in the major public infrastructure facilities like we used to? Previous generations built entire networks for rail, road, water and energy. Only Muldoon’s Think Big projects and the current ‘Roads of National Significance’ might compare. Major infrastructure investment decisions come down to how much we care about our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren. The government’s social discount rate policy captures in a single number how much decision makers care about the future relative to today. The default public sector stance is to use an 8% real (i.e. net of inflation) discount rate. But is 8% right?

  3. 23 March 2011

    The government’s National Infrastructure Plan highlights an additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing (AWHC) as an important priority to support the growth of Auckland. NZIER worked on this study with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Beca, AECOM, and SKM (who undertook the transport modelling and the ‘conventional’ economic appraisal). You can read the preliminary business case report here.

  4. 08 March 2011

    The Government's infrastructure priorities now need to be reviewed in light of the cost of Christchurch's devastating earthquakes. However, the cost-benefit appraisals of major transport schemes that are likely to form part of the reprioritisation tend to understate the benefits. Thus there is a risk the wrong projects get weeded out or delayed when it would be better to look elsewhere to find the money needed to support Christchurch. We describe the reasons why, and provide some considerations that will help reduce this risk. In the long term we would argue for improvements to methodologies.

  5. 12 October 2010

    A report for the Ministry of Transport.

  6. 25 September 2010
  7. 10 May 2010

    Report to Ministry of Transport, June 2009 (link is to Ministry of Transport's website)

  8. 25 February 2008

    Presentation by Jagadish Guria to the 8th Annual New Zealand Transport Summit, Wellington, 25 February 2008

  9. 23 September 2007

    Presentation by Brent Layton to the Water and Waste Association Conference, Rotorua, 21 September 2007

  10. 18 September 2007

    Presentation by Brent Layton to the New Zealand Road Transport Forum Conference, Christchurch, 16 September 2007

  11. 30 April 2007

    Paper by Jagadish Guria, presented to the National Freight and Shipping Summit, Wellington, April 2007

  12. 28 May 2005

    by Simon Wear & Ian Duncan. A report to Telecom.

  13. 03 December 2003

    by Brent Layton. A report to the Board of Airline Representatives (Inc).

  14. 17 October 2003

    A report for Vodafone NZ Ltd.

  15. 05 October 2003

    Paper by John Ballingall, Doug Steel and Phil Briggs, presented at the 26th Australasian Transport Research Forum, Wellington, 1-3 Octboer 2003

  16. 25 August 2000

    Report by Stephen Gale and Vhari McWha to Air New Zealand, August 2000