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For over 50 years our economists have been helping clients analyse market, regulatory, social, and environmental trends to enable them to make informed and strategic decisions.

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Economic performance

We help clients explore the real or potential impact of changes resulting from economic trends or proposed policy and business initiatives.

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John Ballingall

Deputy Chief Executive

john.ballingall[at]nzier [dot] org [dot] nz

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Latest projects

  • Modelling the New Zealand economy

    By John Ballingall

    One industry organisation wanted to understand how predicted growth in its various sub-sectors would impact on the New Zealand economy out to 2025.


Latest publications

  • Pacific economic trends and snapshot 2016

    14 December 2016

    By Todd Krieble and Dion Gamperle

    Pacific Economic Trends and Snapshot 2016 updates our 2013 Snapshot and provides new insights that can be used to inform policies, programmes and further research. This 2016 update includes new statistics on housing and Pasifika businesses.


  • The myth of the shrinking state? What does the data show about the size of the state in New Zealand?

    11 August 2016

    By Derek Gill

    The paper explores the urban myth that the economic reforms of the late 1980 and 1990s reduced the size of the state. It uses a variety of lenses – the state as taxer, spender, producer, employer, investor, and steward – to assess how the size and shape of the state has changed.