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Arts and creativity for a stronger economy    

Paula Browning, Chief Executive of Copyright Licensing New Zealand and chair of WeCreate, will speak on this topic at our AGM.

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DATA1850 - making available long-term economic data for New Zealand

As part of our Public Good programme, NZIER has just launched Data1850; an interactive website that allows you to explore, visualise, compare and download long-term economic data for New Zealand.

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Businesses chipper as concerns about softening demand prove unwarranted

Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion, July 2016

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Analysing regional policy initiatives

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Disruptive technologies: Risks, opportunities
Can New Zealand make the most of them?

A report for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)

The report can be read here.


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Latest publications

  • Quarterly Predictions, September 2016

    30 August 2016

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  • The high cost of (not) stopping people getting high - NZIER Insight 61

    24 August 2016

    By Peter Wilson

    In this Insight, we bring the techniques of policy analysis to the issue of whether prohibition is the best way to reduce harm from using marijuana. Our conclusion is that a better way of lowering harmful marijuana use would be legalisation, combined with heavy taxation, regulation and education. The result should be less use, considerable fiscal savings to the government and the removal of a valuable source of revenue for criminals.



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